About us

Tiny Fluff-the label is the brainchild of Sonia Arora (C.E.O. and Head of Design & Production) and Jayashree Narayanan (Co-Founder and Head of Finance & Operations). Bringing together varying talents and years of experience, we now bring you – Tiny Fluff-the label.


Empowering new parents with soft, safe, and eco-friendly clothing options for their little ones.

Redefining the concept of luxury in children’s fashion through our meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. 


Revolutionising the fashion industry by offering organic and sustainable clothing & accessories with a positive impact on the environment.

Infusing our garments with the healing properties of natural elements and plant-based fibres.

Sonia Arora (C.E.O. and Head of Design & Production) 

Sonia has a background in Fine arts, Textile designing and Fashion Designing and is passionate about fashion. She ran a women’s formal wear export house in Chennai which has served the likes of diplomats and even the Queen of Denmark!

Winner of numerous international awards, Sonia’s love for nature and dedication to sustainability led her to work with weavers in a village near Chennai in 2018 to create different weaves using natural fibres such as Bamboo, Lotus, Khus Roots, Banana and even Hibiscus. She fell in love with the soft fabric and realised that these were perfect for infants with tender and sensitive skin, as the fabrics were not only soft but carried forward a lot of the elements’ natural healing properties.

Sonia’s dedication to sustainability is evident in her exclusive use of natural and Azo free dyes, sourcing of natural embellishments such as buttons and using pure cotton threads for all hand embroidery, making the products at Tiny Fluff-the label, 100% biodegradable.

Jayashree Narayanan (Co-Founder and Head of Finance & Operations)

Jayashree on the other hand is a first generation Entrepreneur, Educationist and Celebrity Event Planner. She has run an after school creative education centre for children for many years and brings a penchant to do better for our children to the table. With an understanding of parents’ mindsets and childrens’ needs, Jayashree is excited about Tiny Fluff-the label and all it can offer.

Jayashree’s love for serving the community explains her association with an NGO called NAAM. Jayashree handles the higher studies admission for children of destitute women of NAAM. She is passionate about education beyond the textbook and aims to inculcate creativity in the children she works with. This creativity is evident in her endeavor to bring Tiny Fluff-the label to life.